My dotJS 2017 Keynote

Yesterday in Paris, I gave the closing keynote at the dotJS conference. I’ve had the privilege to speak at dotJS every other year since 2013.

A Brief History of JavaScript

Click above for a PDF of my slides (sorry, I used Keynote for several reasons, and its generated HTML is huge and not likely to work well with WP). Long-timer readers may notice that I re-presented a few still-on-point slides from my TxJS 2011 talk. Video will come in a few weeks, the organizers say.

dotJS 2017 was a terrific TED-style conference with top speakers and a smart, friendly audience. Special shout-out to Christophe Porteneuve for a great intro and for MCing in style — and of course many thanks to Sylvain Zimmer and team for the whole event.

2 Replies to “My dotJS 2017 Keynote”

  1. Thanks for the entertaining talk packed full with excitements to look forward to. I will use some of this material to promote JS for the few skeptic left around me. Also, on the ‘More ES Next’ slide, I’ve noticed that the .flatten/.flatMap link might be broken.

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