Mozilla 2.0 platform must-haves

  1., a versioned shared library with minimal, frozen, documented API exports, and fast intra-library calling convention code (so small footprint compared to today’s “GRE” or “XRE”).
  2. xulrunner/xulrunner.exe, so you can write ‘#! /usr/bin/xulrunner’ at the top of a .xul file and get busy.
  3. XUL 2 and XBL 2 — standardized specifications, greater binding language power, more scripting languages, iTunes-like widgets, and working remote XUL/XBL.
  4. SVG support to a useful level, not necessarily the whole 1.1 spec.
  5. Web Forms 2.0.
  6. XForms Basic (or ultra-Basic, details TBD — the heavyweight item is Schema-based validation) support as an optional, downloadable extension.
  7. JavaScript 2.0 support, including ECMAScript for XML support.
  8. Python support, perhaps via Mono (if so, along with other programming languages).

That’s a good start. Comments?