Firefox OS Launches

Just under two years ago, we started Firefox OS as the Boot to Gecko (B2G) project, with little more than a belief that the Web should be the only platform you need to build an open mobile device ecosystem. This vision was so compelling that we found ourselves on a rocket, joined by developers and partners around the world.

Today, I’m thrilled to report that Firefox OS phones go on sale in less than a day in Spain, with other launches to follow. See the Mozilla and Telef√≥nica announcements. As Christian Heilmann says, “the fox is out of the bag.”

This is just the end of the beginning, a great first step into retail channels. Everyone should have the option of Open Web Devices for the benefits that come with them: owning your own stuff, innovating at the edges of the network, not having to ask permission to hack. The world needs the principles of the Web now more than ever, so please join us:

Mozilla Developer Network Firefox OS top-level page
How to contribute to Firefox OS (even if you’re not technical)



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  1. This is a major achievement. For a lot of the people who end up using these phones, it will be the main way they access the Internet. That they will do so on a device that runs on web standards in an open way is a complete game-changer. I was excited when I first saw Firefox OS at Mobile 2.0, and I’m even more excited now.

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